• The Next "Invasive" is "Native" - Lecture

    Vegetal newcomers are transforming the ecology of Brussels and Belgium at large. They also provide the perfect case study opportunity to learn how to adapt to a world undergoing rapid ecological and geological change, whilst embracing plants that come from elsewhere. Working with local foragers and biodiversity experts, the London-based artistic collective question the making of value in nature by turning invasive edible plants into ice cream.

  • Video teaser of Jardin Essentiel!

    Check out our teaser video!

    Get ready for an unforgettable episode of Parckdesign! This year, artists, designers, architects, cooks and of course gardeners will lead you through the fascinating world of distilling. Through artistic performances, workshops and various events, you will be invited to reflect about the relationship we have with the green spaces that surround us, especially in urban areas. Art lovers, urban dwellers, neighbours, gardeners, families, children, everybody is welcome to join the JARDIN ESSENTIEL at Parc Duden! See you there!